Add a search widget directly onto your website. Allow residents to quickly find their collection information.

  • Residents just search via their address, no complicated maps, or multiple downloads
  • Link to download printable calendar
  • Present the data as an agenda or calendar
  • Customise colours and logos & designs.

With a full collection schedule prepared for your council, you are ready to include the What Bin Day search on your web page. We provide easy to follow instructions within the Administration Portal as to how this can be achieved.

What Bin Day provides you with flexibility in how the search is integrated. Adding the default form requires only a few lines of code to be added to your web page but the results can also be fully customised and branded with CSS to suit your council.

For basic integration we also support the use of iFrames and linking to a hosted search page if that is preferable.

Calendar Design

Agenda Design

Printable Calendar

Residents can quickly download or print a calendar showing waste collection events

  • Not just for waste, add other events such as kerbside cleanups.
  • 3, 6, 12 month calendar options
  • Customise colours and logos & designs.
  • Universal PDF format